How can you receive up to $150,000* to Secure & Protect your Organization?

360 Life Safety Grant Assistance Program

Helping you secure and FUND a safer community.

Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) FY 2021

FEMA has been granted $180,000,000* in Federal funds 
dedicated to help secure and protect Nonprofit Organizations.

Reimbursement to 
Secure Your Organization

  • Physical Security - Security Film, Cameras, Access Control, Bollards, & more
  • Emergency Planning - Training, Drills and Exercises 
  • Contract Security Personnel

TimeLine of Grant
Application - Actualization

  • Notice of Funding Opportunity - Released on February 25th. 2021
  • Grant Funding Awards - Announced in September of 2021
  • ​Timeline to Perform Work - 36 months

Do you Qualify?

We can help.

Are you a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt

Do you have a D-U-N-S number?
(Dun & Bradstreet)

Vulnerability Assessment within the past year?

Which Program Does My Organization Apply for?

Urban Area or State?

 *Must apply under correct program (based on facility location) 

 NSGP-UA: Nonprofit Security Grant Program

Urban Area, aka UASI Urban Area Security Initiative
Are you located in a qualified Urban Area?

NSGP-S: Nonprofit Security Grant Program

State Program for everywhere else.
The Program for outside designated Urban Areas.

Step-by-Step Overview Guide to the Process

Step 1

Visit website:
   -Search under NSGP
   -Download NOFO  
   -Download any other related resources

Step 2

Visit FEMA website:
   -Download "Grants Preparedness Manual"
   -Download any other related resources


Step 3

Contact your designated SAA :
   -Provide intent to participate
   -Obtain Application Form
   -Confirm SAA Specific Application Deadline
   -Inquire as to any other requirements

Step 4

Visit website:
   -Download Vulnerability Assessment (VA)
   -Review and download any related resources

Step 5

 Visit website:
   -Download Authorized Equipment List (AEL)
   -Review and download any related resources

Step 6

Participation/Application Package:
   -Compose Mission Statement
   -Review outcomes of VA & determine needs
   -Complete Investment Justification (IJ)
   -Contact Information Sheet (CIS)

Do you know how to Maximize the Scoring of your Application?

Who is your State Authorized Administrator?

Do you know your specific Application DEADLINE?

Feeling Overwhelmed?  We are here to help !

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Grant Writing Tips

*Anticipated amounts for 2021 NSGP
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